Gonzo’s Quest Slots Jackpots

Most people wonder how to win Gonzo’s Quest slots. Others just want to know if there is a way to win Gonzo’s Quest slots jackpots. Unfortunately, the fact remains that slots are random. Even if hundreds of articles claim to have a foolproof way to win Gonzo’s Quest slots, it is just not possible. Slots do not have a memory, and there is no telling when you will get a winning combo.

That is what makes winning Gonzo’s Quest slots jackpots desirable. Few people can say that they hit the winning combo for a jackpot. Since you cannot predict when a winning pay line will appear, the best you can do is use sensible strategies.

Playing Gonzo’s Quest slots

The design for Gonzo’s quest slots has a lot of attention to detail. You can see realistic Inca carvings on the reels, set on colored stones. Even the background is incredible. It depicts a jungle with an Incan temple in the background. You will not have a problem getting into the game’s atmosphere.

Before you can aim for Gonzo’s Quest slots jackpots, you need to set your bets first. In this game, you can bet as small as 0.01 coins up to 0.5 coins per pay line. Plus, you can set different betting levels, too. This way you can customize how you play Gonzo’s Quest slots. Aggressive players can place the maximum wager by simply clicking the Max Bet button. Meanwhile, cautious players can go as high or as low as they need.

Winning the Gonzo’s Quest slots jackpots

Winning Gonzo’s Quest slots jackpots is a challenging task all on its own. If you do not think you will get it, you can still get a huge win from the Gonzo’s Quest slots bonus game.

When you play Gonzo’s Quest slots, you can aim for jackpots and bonuses. Having a unique and rewarding bonus game is what makes Gonzo’s Quest slots stand out. If you line up three or more golden Free Fall symbols on a pay line, you get 10 free spins. When you are in Free Fall mode, the multipliers are worth triple the normal game mode multipliers.

This means you can get wins that are worth three to 15 times their worth. When the 10 free spins are over, you can claim the bonus coins. When this happens, Gonzo will remove his helmet and use it to catch as many coins as he can. The screen will show your total winnings after.

Gonzo’s Quest slots game also has an Avalanche feature. On your upper left, there will be a multiplier sign. If you get a winning combo, the combo’s blocks will crumble, giving way to new falling blocks. Potentially, you can keep getting wins as long as the symbols keep falling after you trigger a winning combo.

It is a small feature, but extending every spin gives you an extra chance to get more wins. If you are really lucky, you could get prizes higher than Gonzo’s Quest slots jackpots. Busy players can use autoplay and set the reels to spin without stopping. This way you can set the reels to spin from 10 to 1,000 times. Then you can just sit back, relax, and wait for the wins to pour in.

Alternatives to jackpots

If you are indecisive, you can use a Gonzo’s Quest slots no deposit bonus to try the game for free. Then you can aim for Gonzo’s Quest slots jackpots whenever you are ready. If you think jackpots are hard to aim for, there are other alternatives.

You can enjoy getting a Free Fall feature, where you can get 10 free games. Everything is worth triple during that time, so you can still get a sizable coin reward. When you play games with the right bonus features, at times you can win prizes even bigger than the Gonzo’s Quest slots jackpots.