Gonzo’s Quest Slots Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot is what most players look for in a slot game. It is a prize that goes higher and higher as more bets flock the slot. This growing top prize usually appears on the interface of the game to show you its real-time increase. If you play Gonzo’s Quest slots casino game, you might not see any growing prize flashed onscreen. The reason is that there are no Gonzo’s Quest slots progressive jackpots to begin with.

But should this disappoint you? It should not, because there is a lot to win here despite its exclusion of any progressive jackpot from its list of prizes offered to players. Continue reading if you want to know what is in store for you when you play Gonzo’s Quest slots.

Substitute for Gonzo’s Quest slots progressive jackpots

Rather than looking for a casino that awards Gonzo’s Quest slots progressive jackpots, check out what Gonzo’s Quest slots game dispenses in terms of rewards. Explore the game and you will see it is too rewarding that you will seem to forget the thought of looking for any progressive jackpot.

Know that the game has the so-called Avalanche feature. This is a great alternative for Gonzo’s Quest slots progressive jackpots. That is because the Avalanche makes it possible for you to get consecutive multiplier wins in just one spin. Another good thing about this feature is that you can trigger it even in the normal game mode.

An Avalanche refers to the free falling of symbols brought about by the explosion of a winning combination that landed on a pay line. If the symbols that fell trigger another winning combo, you get an Avalanche multiplier win. Bigger multiplier wins will top up your balance when the series of combos goes a long way.

During the normal game mode, you can win a chain of 5x multipliers. This 5x multiplier is low, but when won in succession, it can be a lot gratifying. More so, in the Free Fall mini-game, the highest multiplier you can snatch is 15x. This is high and can even get a lot higher when triggered for a consecutive number of times.

Look no further for Gonzo’s Quest slots progressive jackpots

Stop wondering why the game offers no Gonzo’s Quest slots progressive jackpots. Gonzo’s Quest slots game is too good a slot that it does not need to offer a top prize whose amount feeds on all the players’ bets. Look at the game’s 3D graphics. Focus on its gameplay’s uniqueness. Think about its Avalanche-filled rewards system. All these shall be enough to convince you to look no further for progressive jackpots.

Turn to any Gonzo’s Quest slots casino now. Claim your Gonzo’s Quest slots free spins, and find your way toward the chain of 15x multiplier wins.