Gonzo’s Quest Slots Progressive

Gonzo’s Quest slot casino game is a title that always rings a bell among a good number of slot players. When it comes to design, it is superior because it takes on some 3D technology. In terms of gameplay, it is unique – owed to the fact that its reel symbols fall rather than spin. As far as rewards are concerned, it is bounteous – thanks to its Avalanche feature that gives off Gonzo’s Quest slots progressive wins.

The thing is, the progressive wins you may get from this slot do not refer to pools of cash that grow as more players bet. The amount any Gonzo’s Quest slots progressive payout depend solely on the amount of bet you place, not on the sums wagered by your fellow players.

The way to Gonzo’s Quest slots progressive wins

As previously mentioned, Gonzo’s Quest slots game is not a progressive slot. This further explains that the game will not give you a jackpot whose amount breaks down to percentages of all the bettors’ wagers. Ironically, the game offers progressive wins.

These Gonzo’s Quest slots progressive wins are just around the corner as they may come out anytime during the normal game mode. When you play Gonzo’s Quest slots, you will notice that the symbols fall, rather than spin, on the reels as if affected by real gravitational force. This unique gameplay is actually what makes it possible for you to trigger progressive wins. When you get a winning combination of symbols on a pay line, those symbols will disintegrate, allowing the icons above them to fall. Meanwhile, new symbols drop to fill in the gaps within the matrix – an Avalanche, as the game calls it.

Each Avalanche comes free. It may give way to yet another winning combination which then rewards you with a higher multiplier. Avalanche wins coming in a row give progressive multipliers up to 5x during the normal game mode. Never think a 5x multiplier win is small. If this win is followed by another Avalanche win, the win combo will be topped up yet again by another 5x multiplier. And this pattern goes on until the chain of Avalanches breaks.

Play on for bigger Gonzo’s Quest slots progressive wins

Avalanche wins become more generous when you get to the Free Fall mini-game. During this Free Fall mini-game, you get 10 Gonzo’s Quest slots free spins. These spins are what you use to trigger Gonzo’s Quest slots progressive wins of up to 15x multipliers in succession. But to get to this mini-game, you need to land three Scatters on a pay line.

When the mini-game is on, simply click the “Start Free Fall” button. Automatic spinning will then activate. If you are lucky, you might just retrigger the feature, thus giving you additional 10 free spins/falls. When you snag an Avalanche win, wish that more Avalanches follow. Make the series of wins long enough that you get the top multiplier which is 15x in a row.