Gonzo’s Quest Slots RTP

One of the reasons why players keep coming back to Gonzo’s Quest slots casino sites is the Avalanche feature they trigger when they play Gonzo’s Quest slots. The feature gives bettors a chance to win successive multipliers in one spin. More so, they enjoy delight in the fact that Gonzo’s Quest slots RTP maximizes their payouts, especially in the long run.

Most probably, it is the experienced slot players who understand why the RTP of this game is a deal maker. So if you think you need to feed your mind with some info regarding Gonzo’s Quest slots RTP, read on. You might as well just find yourself liking the game even more.

The value of Gonzo’s Quest slots RTP

RTP means “return to player.” This is how much a slot will most probably give back to you in the long run. However, you should bear in mind that this concept is not something that you should take literally as though it is true to all cases. Sometimes, a player gets back 96% of his money on his 400th spin. Other times, another player gets it back earlier on the 100th spin. In other words, the “long run” referred to here varies from player to player.

Return-to-player rate also differs from slot to slot. Gonzo’s Quest slots RTP is 96%. This means that over time, 96% of the money you invested in playing will go back to you. Therefore, the higher the RTP is of a game, the more advantageous it is on your part as a player.

It also pays that you know the factors that have nothing to do with the Gonzo’s Quest slots RTP. These include winning a jackpot and experiencing losing streaks. You know, the slot uses a random number generator. You would not really know when a winning combo will appear.

High RTP alongside Gonzo’s Quest slots features

Another interesting thing about Gonzo’s Quest slots, besides its high RTP, is its unique way of randomizing the symbols on the reels. Instead of taking on the usual spinning reels, the game incorporates in the slot the falling of stone blocks on a 5×3 matrix.

When you hit a winning combination, the blocks forming the combo turn into dust. If there are rocks above them, they fall. This is known the Avalanche feature. You can get up to five times your bet for every free Avalanche in the normal game mode. Moreover, you can claim bigger multipliers of 15 times your bet during the Free Fall mini-game.

The Free Fall mini-game activates when you get at least three scatters on a pay line. When this feature is on, you automatically get 10 Gonzo’s Quest slots free spins. These spins will give you a chance to win bigger prizes, especially because the multipliers here are worth three times the multipliers in the normal game mode.

Having a high Gonzo’s Quest slots RTP alongside rewarding features, the game will surely make you want to spin more. Play now.