How to Win Gonzo’s Quest Slots

Gonzo’s Quest slots game has drawn a large number of online casino guests because of its sleek animation and generous bonuses. This NetEnt slot also has a unique way of spinning the reels – the symbols fall and stack up, rather than spin. Having been played by plenty of players, Gonzo’s Quest slots casino game has already given away huge amounts of wins. More often than not, the winning players were the ones who used a strategy on how to win Gonzo’s Quest slots.

How to win Gonzo’s Quest slots Avalanche multipliers

To know how to win Gonzo’s Quest slots, you must know first the main feature of the game. This let you let you not only see the uniqueness of the game but also learn what to aim for while playing. This feature is the Avalanche. This refers to the triggering of multiplier wins through the succession of winning combos you get on a spin.

When a win combination lands on any of the Gonzo’s Quest slots paylines, the symbols making up the combination will self-destruct. The blocks above them will then fall. After which, new symbols will rain down on the Gonzo’s Quest slots reels to fill in the spaces. Each Avalanche will earn you a higher multiplier score. The more Avalanches you get in one spin, the higher your payout will be. If you are lucky, you can win consecutive wins that are all five times your Gonzo’s Quest slots bets.

How to win Gonzo’s Quest slots Free Fall prizes

The only mini-game you can enter when you play Gonzo’s Quest slots is the Free Fall mode. This activates when you land three or more Free Fall Scatters on a pay line. Here, you get 10 Gonzo’s Quest slots free spins that can be retriggered. On top of that, you have a chance to win the multipliers that are worth thrice the multipliers in normal mode. If the multiplier meter gets to the 15x multiplier line, the succeeding wins will all be worth 15 times the Gonzo’s Quest slots coins you bet. Now you see that the winnings here can reach higher than the Gonzo’s Quest slots jackpots you expect.

Bet strategy on how to win Gonzo’s Quest slots

The best key on how to win Gonzo’s Quest slots bigtime is to play the game long enough. Playing until you can get to the Free Fall bonus multiple times gives you higher payouts. For your ease, consider using the Gonzo’s Quest slots Auto Play feature. This Gonzo’s Quest slots strategy, however, also tells you to bet only the amount of money you can risk losing. You should use about four to seven per cent of it for every spin.

The amount should get you more than 20 falls in the game. This should be enough to give you at least two Free Fall triggers. The portion is also big enough to get a lot of coins when you achieve a large win. You can even increase your bet amount if you double the total amount you are willing to spend in playing.

Being smart in betting can help you make the most of the game’s bonus feature. With the right control of your bankroll, you will gain the upper hand on how to win Gonzo’s Quest slots.